Human Resource Chapter 1

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What is Human Resource Management(HRM) The management of people in organizations
What did phase 2 of the Human Resource Movement entail Personnel managers became involved in dealing with the impact of the HRM. Orientation, performance appraisal, and employee relations were added to their job.
What is Human Capital The knowledge, education, training, skills, and expertise of an organization's workforce
What did phase 1 of the Human Resource Movement entail HRM was responsible for: hiring and firing, payroll, and administrated benefits.
What did phase 4 of the Human Resource Movement entail HM activities have become ubiquitous, where all management has some responsibility toward their employees
What did phase 3 of the Human Resourse Movement entail Was a direct result of government legislation. A lot of the responsibilities became outsoursed
What are economic conditions They affect the supply and demand of products and services, which also influences employment rates and benefits.
What are key characteristics of a Traditionalists in the workforce They tend to be quiet, loyal, and self-sacrificing.
What are key characteristics of Baby Boomers in the workforce Tend to be career-focused, competitive, and driven
What is Empowerment? Providing workers with the skills and authority to make decisions that would traditionally be made my managers.
What are the key characteristics of Generation Y in the workforce Tend to be tech-savvy, diverse, and eager to make a contribution, but also impatient and action oriented.
What are the key characteristics of Generation X in the workforce They tend do be independent and believe success comes from the ability to have transferable skills rather than loyalty.
What is globalization The emergence of a single global market for my product and service.
What is Organizational culture? Core values, beliefs, and assumptions that are widely shared by members of an organization.
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