Influences on the change process: Leadership

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Influences on the change process: Leadership
  1. Leaders are those people that can inspire and motivate people to meet objectives; managers will set objectives and decide how to go about achieving them.
    1. Lewin's Leadership styles
      1. Autocratic - Makes decisions without consultation
        1. Democratic - Consults the team but makes the final decision
          1. Laissez-Faire - Leaves the workforce to make the decision
            1. Paternalistic - Makes decisions needs of the workforce, thus acting in a fatherly way
              1. Bureaucratic - Everyone works under rules and regulations
              2. Tannenbaum and Schmidt’s Continuum Theory (1973)
                1. 7 levels of delegation from 1 (no delegation) to 7 (highly delegated)
                  1. 1. Manager takes and announces decisions
                    1. 2. Manager sells decision
                      1. 3. Manager presents decision with ideas and invites questions
                        1. 4. Manager suggests provisional decision and invites discussion
                          1. 5. Manager presents the situation, gets feedback and then decides
                            1. 6. Manager explains, defines parameters and asks team to decide
                              1. 7. Manager allows team to develop options and decide on action based within managers limits
                              2. Internal factors that influence leadership style
                                1. Experience of workforce
                                  1. Skills required for work to be done
                                    1. Personal traits of the leader
                                      1. Time given for the task
                                      2. External factors that influence leadership style
                                        1. PESTG
                                          1. Nature of industry
                                          2. Theories
                                            1. Douglas McGregor
                                              1. Theory X - Autocratic
                                                1. Theory Y - Democratic
                                                2. Fred Fiedler
                                                  1. Contingency Model - There is no one best style of leadership and styles should be changed according to the situation
                                                  2. John Adair
                                                    1. Action Centered Leadership - In any task the management has 3 responsibilites
                                                      1. Achieve the task
                                                        1. Manage the team
                                                          1. Manage the individuals
                                                      2. Role of leaders in managing change
                                                        1. Set clear objectives to drive change
                                                          1. Communicate with employees to gain commitment to the change
                                                            1. Instil a change culture
                                                              1. Allocate sufficient resources to aid change
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