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Calculation of BMI BodyWt(lbs)*703/Ht(in)squared::::BodyWt(Kg)/Ht(m)squared
Classification: Underweight <18.5
Classification: Normal 18.5-24.9
CLassification: Overweight 25-29.9 BMI
CLassification: Obese 30-39 BMI
CLassification: Morbid Obesity >40 BMI
Most Accurate body composition measurement method is _______________. Dual-Energy x-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA)
______________ is a valuable indicator of fat distribution and central obesity. Waist-to-Hip Ratio
_____________ increases the mortality rate from all causes. Central Obesity
_____________ is energy expended at rest and during physical activity. Energy Expenditure
Energy used to maintain life when the awake body is at complete rest, is ______________. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
CHO produces _Kcal/g; Protein produces _Kcal/g; Fat produces _Kcal/g; Alcohol produces _Kcal/g 4;4;9;7
Components & % of Energy Expenditure BMR= 60-75% TEF= 5-10% Physical Activity Energy Cost= 15-35%
Thrifty Gene Theory Proposes that gene causes people to expend less energy than other-leading to weight gain...energetically thrifty
Set-Point Theory Proposes that each person's weight stays within small range...body compensates for changes in energy balance & keeps person's weight in this range
Leptin Protein Hormone...Reduces Food Intake...feel FULL effect...less found in obese
Ghrelin Protein hormone...stimulates appetite...Increases when hungry & decreases 1hr after eating...not diminished in obesity
Peptide YY (PYY) Protein hormone...decreases appetite...released in GI tract...inhibit food intake
Orlistat Decreases FAT absorption & inhibits pancreatic lipase:::Leaky stool; Abdominal pain; Flatulence; Fatty & loose stool; Decreased absorption of Fat Soluble nutrients
Sibutramine Decreases appetite by altering brain nuerotransmitters:::Increased BP; Constipation; Anorexia; Nausea; Dry mouth; Insomnia; Dizziness
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