Supreme Court

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Supreme court bakfjnbsfsdjhasdba
Us. courts of appeal serve for life only hear cases of appeal 12 regional courts no or regional jurisdiction
District courts 94 only have original juristicion
article 3 fhbsjflsjdfkd
Judiciary act of 1789 establish 3 tiered strucutres
Marbury vs madison establishes judical review
All federal justices are appointed by the president and confirmes by majority vote in the senate kdjfbhsidjfkas
orignal jursidtion authority of the court to hear a case for the first time
a writ of certiorari court order saying in a case that has alreafy mean hers
a brief written detailed statement arguing one side of the case
Majorty opinio opnion of the court gvfdvdsf
concourtin opion concurring ffdsasd
dissention or minort opion
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