Classics 103 - Poets of Myths and the Myths of the beginning of the Universe

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What was Freud's main idea of the origin of Myth? believed that the mind takes reality, condenses it and then interprets reality through symbols in dreams. these symbols influence myth. He also states they express life through competition. the younger generation will eventually take over from the older, and the older generation feels threatened. This reflects themes in Greek mythology such as Kronos feeling threatened by his children, particularly Zeus
Who was Jung and what did he believe in regards to myth? Jung was a student of Freud. He agreed with his ideas on dreams and he then expanded. Stated that myths are the product of not just one mind but society was a whole. People think in similar ways which is why all cultures have similar archetypes in there stories that we all recognize such as the innocent young girl, the wise old man, heroes, and monsters.
Who was Levi-Strauss and were his ideas about myth? He was a 20th century thinker who looked at myths with anthropology and psychology methods. He came up with the idea of structuralism which was the idea that myths were used to deal with problems in society and thus served an important function. Also all people contributed to societies function and the whole decided how things would be. all are human beings and thus think and communicate in similar ways.
What was the idea of Binary pairing proposed by Levi-Strauss? Humans have binary pairing e.g. two hands, two feet, two eyes which may have inspired the use of pairs. in myth these pairs are opposites such as good and evil, dark and light. The biggest one is your interests against someone else or societies interests, which myths often talked about. also the creation of the opposite of death which is the immortality of the gods.
Levi-Strauss also stated that the Greeks dealt with nomos vs. physis This is the difference between mans law and natures law or nature vs. nurture. the centaurs were the barbarian aspect as they were only subject to natures law while the Greeks were civilized people subject to mans law but fighting natures law.
How did the Greeks come up with the idea of centaurs? the Greeks didn't ride or even have horses so when they heard of men riding them on the steps of Asia, they got confused and thought of them as one creature, half man half horse
What was Burkert's approach to understanding Myth? He took a contextual approach, stating that myths cannot be understood well if you take them out of the culture they were used in
What is an Epithet? A descriptive term that was added to the names of the gods. they didnt make sense in all stories or situations but described the god. e.g. laughter loving Aphrodite or white armed Hera.
Hesiod was on of the poets whose writings of Myth survived. Describe his poem that told have the earth came to be. Started by writing in the Muses, nine goddesses of the arts such as poetry and dance. Because they were the goddesses of poetry, they created credibility for his writing. he asked them how the earth came to be and they told him that Zeus defeated his father Cronus by force to become king of the gods. First there was chaos and then came the earth, which is described as being female. after the earth came tartaric, or the land of the dead, found under the ground. the third thing to come to be was aros which means lust.
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