Classics 102 - Athena and Aphrodite

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What is Athena the goddess of? wisdom, crafts, strategy in war, and law
What is she often depicted with? helmet, spear, shield, snake trimmed goat skin cloak, gorgon head, olive tree, serpent, and/or owl
Why is her birth from the head of Zeus symbolic? born from the head which is the center of thought and wisdom. She has a mix of power he parents as she is power and wisdom
Why is she often shown with the head of the gorgon? She helped Perseus kill the gorgon whose gaze can turn a person to stone. even after the head was detached the gaze could still turn a human to stone. it didn't effect the gods so Perseus gave the head to Athena
How else was she depicted in art that showed her intelligence? she could read and write which most women could not do
Why do we describe Athena as having a purely ethical character? she ha no natural elements associated with her and instead is associated with how people should think and act, thus ethical
How is Athena associated with society? she is associated with all successes of society such as invention, agriculture, industry, protection and anything else that required great thought and planning
Why in some art is she shown looking at a stone pillar? after a war a grave stone was made that listed all the soldiers of Athens that had died that year. Athena looks at it to show her pride and sadness for what they did
How is she associated with law? a family was shedding a lot of blood amongst themselves and before the furies could step in she formed a court. a jury of hundreds were there when the son who had killed his mother was tried. the vote was split equally. Athena cased the last vote claiming him innocent. In Athens court if a jury was tied, they say Athena casts the last vote which is always for innocence
How is she associated with weaving? How did this result in spiders? Athena is the greatest weaver. A young woman named Arachne boasted that she was even better so Athena challenged her. Both made pieces that were highly skilled by Arachne's had a picture of the gods behaving badly. For this and because she was almost bested, Athena turned her into a spider so she could weave for all time
In one story Athena blinded a young priest named Tiresias because he saw her bathing. Why? Athena is one of only three goddesses that remained virgin. it is important to her because as she is not a fully realized woman, she can walk the line between male and female like no other women can. If she had married and had children she couldn't have had as much power as in Greek culture no female goddess could be equal in power to Zeus just as no woman to be equal in power to a man.
What is Aphrodite the goddess of? love and sexuality
What are the symbols of Aphrodite? winged Eros, dove, apple, mirror, and shell. she is often shown as nude or in beautiful and elaborate clothing as she is supposed to be the most beautiful
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