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What is he the god of? (4) wine, vegetation, and festivities. Also the dispenser of grief and sorrow
What is he shown with in art? (7) a thyrsus, a drinking cup, a leopard, a fruiting vine, and/or with satyrs, his male companions, and maenads, his female companions. Shown with or without a beard. With a thyrsus or pine cone tipped staff.
What are his other symbols? (7) ivy, laurel, Dolphin, serpent, tiger, panther, and an ass
What are his family relations? he is the son of Zeus and the moral woman Semele. His mother died from seeing Zeus in his true form and Zeus took the unborn Dionysus and sewed him into his thigh until he was fully grown.
What did he have on his head when he was born? a crown of ivy leaves
How are the satyrs and maenads shown in art? Satyrs are usually shown playing flutes and the maenads with drums
What is he associated with? Ecstasy, meaning to be Carrie away or being transported outside your normal self. This is called a Dionysian frenzy
What god is he the opposite of? How so? He is the opposite of Apollo. Apollo is an ethical god as he represents non natural elements. Dionysus represents a very basic and barbaric natural state, the opposite of Apollo's natural taught
What is he the inventor and teacher of? He taught humans how to make wine and how to tend the grapes to make it.
Apollo and Dionysus are opposite but they still work together and have some similarities. How so? Apollo spends 9 month so f the year at his temple at Delphi. For the other three months he goes to the north. Dionysus takes overs for him as he too is a powerful oracle god. Also the oracle Pythia spends a few days a month as the mouth of Apollo. She chews laurel leaves which we know know are hallucinogenic. He has an out of body experience similar to what Dionysus was said to causes.
Describe the Great Dinosynian festival? A festival for Dionysus that began in March with a loud procession of people carrying animal skins, fallacies, dramatic masks and playing flutes, and drums. An image of Dionysus dismembered was also carried. This was when new wine was made and everyone would drink a lot Andy party. Plays were also preformed.
What are the three kinds I f plays preformed at the festival. Describe them if necessary. Tragedy, comedy, and satyr. Satyrs are very sexual creatures that are known for chasing female creatures all the time. Thus, satyr plays or crude, rude and lusty. All of them represented different natures of Dionysus
Why was he known for blurring gender lines? When your outside yourself, you don't need to follow traditional gender roles. He was sometimes shown as a cross-dresser.
When he grew up what happened to him? Hera was still angry her husband had cheated in her so she put Dionysus in a state of madness. He was forced to wander huge earth and face many obstacles. He traveled through Egypt, Asia, and Syria.
What happened to him when he reached the Tigris river? Zeus send him a tiger that he rode and swam him across the river.
What happened while he was in India? He stayed to their for 5-30 years with his companions. He taught the people how to make wine, how to cultivate, and how to make laws.
What happened while he was in modern day Turkey? His maenads and satyrs were captured by the king. He went tot the kings palace to get them back and drove the king into madness. The king then killed his own son and some versions say he cut off his own legs thinking he was pruning a grape vine
In one story Dionysus appeared as a rich young man by the sea. What happened? Pirates saw him and, thinking he was a rich prince, they captured him and trapped him on there ship. They try to tie him up but the ropes wouldn't hold him.
What happened as he was brought on the ship? The stern man knew the man was more then human and tried to get the others to let him go but no one would believe him. Then Dionysus made wine bubble up on the ship and grape vines to grow from the mast. He then turned himself into a lion and a bear.
How did the sailors react to what Dionysus had done. They all jumped off the ship and were turned into Dolphins. Dionysus took pity on the stern man and since he had believed in Dionysus, he made sure the man had a very happy life.
Dionysus is a full Olympian god. How is this possible if his mother Semele was human? His grandfather Cadmus was the offspring of a god and as the legendary rule of Thebes. Because him other had some immortal blood Dionysus could be a god
Dionysus is married to a woman named Ariadne. How did this come to be? Ariadne was part goddess daughter of Minos the king of Crete. She helped Theseus kill the mynator. Before she would help him though she made him promise to take her away with him on his ship because she had fallen in love with him. He aggressively and he took her on his ship. They stopped fore the night to rest but before she woke Theseus and his crew left without her. In one version she jumped off a cliff and died from grief but the more popular version is Dionysus found her and woke her and the two fell in love instantly
How are Greek tragedies structured. Start with a prologue that talks about where things are happening as they had no sets in those times. Then the parados which is the entrance of the chorus. Then an episode followed by a choral ode. This continues as many times as the play write wants. Then there is the exodus or end scene
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