Classics 102 - Ages of Men

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Describe the time of the golden race of men. they lived when kronos was king of the gods. They lived care free lives without work and hardship. It was spring all the time with no war and died peacefully in their sleep. they were buried in the ground to become spirits of the earth after Kronos was overthrown by Zeus
Why did the golden race of men period end? to separate gods and men as they all lived close during this period
Describe the time of the silver race of men. the silver men were babies for 100 years and when they were grown they lived short lives. There were now 4 seasons and men had to make shelters, separating themselves from nature. They were foolish, reckless, and fought with each other. They didn't honour the gods which angered Zeus so he buried them in the Earth and they became spirits of the underworld
Describe the time of the Bronze race of men. they sprung from the ash tree. They loved war and were very powerful with invincible limbs. They raged war against themselves and wiped themselves out. They went to the underworld
Describe the time of the race of Demi-gods They were war-like like the bronze men but with a greater purpose. When they died they were blessed by Zeus and went to a separate happy afterlife at the edge of the world. Kronos is there king
What is the Iron race of Men? it is our time. Men found iron and gold deep in the ground. Gold was associated with greed. men have to work very hard and live sad painful lives, eventually it is said Zeus will wipe out the iron race as he doesnt like this race and finds them dishonourable and dishonest. stepmothers poisoned their step children, sons tried to predict when there fathers would die so they could inherit.
Zeus became angry with the iron men. He decided to destroy them. How did he do this? Did men completely die out? Zeus is a storm god so he sent a great rainstorm. Poseidon helped by bring up the water levels in the ocean.He flooded the who earth. a married couple, Decalein, the sone of Prometheus and Pura, the daughter of Epimethius, were the only people alive floating in a boat.
How did the gods bless Pura and Decalein? Mountain of Parmeses was left above water, and the couple landed there. They respected the gods and payed tribute to them for saving them. In response they were told by the gods to take off there belts and each throw a rock over there shoulder. the rocks became a women and a man.
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