Classics 102 - the Judgement of Paris and Aphrodite Part 2

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During a Wedding on mount Olympus, Eris the goddess of Discord, was angry she hadn't been invited. What did she do? To what effect? He took a golden apple and writes that it is for the most beautiful on it and throws it into the crowd that is at the wedding. Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera end up fighting over it.
How does Zeus settle the arguement between the three goddesses? He sends them to the top pf mount Ida where Paris is tending a flock of Sheep he is to decide who the apple is for.
How do the goddesses try to persuade Paris to pick them? Who does he pick? How is this important? Hera offers him power, Athena wisdom and victory in battle, and Aphrodite the hand of the most beautiful women in the world. He chooses Aphrodite and she becomes his protector. This is important becuase he goes on a quest to find the most beautiful women in the world, Helen of Troy, this leading to the Trojan war.
Who does Aphrodite have no power over? Athena, Hestia, and Artemis
Zeus, like all the gods, is greatly controlled by Aphrodite's power. He gets tired of this. What does he do to Aphrodite? He makes for lust after a mortal man named Anchises
Why is her felling towards Anchises such a problem? gods had more freedom then goddess, just as men had more freedom them women. Goddesses were not supposed to sleep with other men besides there husbands but no goddess was to sleep with a mortal man.
What does Aphrodite do after seeing Anchises? She goes to Cyprus where her attendants bath her and give her jewellery, basically making her the most beautiful women she can be. Then she returned to Ida and appeared before Anchises as a Beautiful young maiden.
Even though Anchises can see she is more then human, Aphrodite tells him a lie to convince him otherwise. What does she tell him? trells him she has a family and that she is mortal. She says that she was worshipping and dnacing for Artemis when Hermes wisked her away. Hermes told her she was to the the wife of Anchises and have his children.
How does Anchises react to this? He instantly loves her and loves her before telling anyone they will be married
After Anchises wakes up what does Aphrodite tell him? Even though he is afraid as he sees her in her true form, She tells him not to be afraid as he is loved by the gods. She tells him she shall have his son. She will not make hm immortal and tells him of the shame that will await her forever becuase of him. The child will be raised by mountain nymphs until Anchises can take him back.
What does Aphrodite worn him about? He msut never tell anyone who the real mother of his son is. He must say he is the son of a flower nymph. If he tells, no one will believe him anyway and he will be struck down by the Zeus.
What was their sons name? What happened to Aphrodite after? their sons name was Aeneas. She went back up to the heavens
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