The Divided Union

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What does "Jim Crow Laws" mean? Local or state laws which enforce segregation of Black and White Americans
Give two examples of segregation in the South Transport/buses/cafes/cinemas/toilets/ blood/schools
What did the Supreme Court rule following the case of Plessy vs Ferguson in 1896? Segregation is legal but facilities must be available to both Black and White Americans, separate but equal doctrine
In the 1920s, the KKK reached its height of popularity, how many members did they have? 4 million
Give one example of a civil rights group operating before WW2 NAACP- National Association for the Advancement of Coloured people
How many Black Americans fought in WW2? 1 million
Give one way the War helped the progress of Black American Civil Rights Showed they were willing to fight and die for their country/ led to the desegregation of the army after WW2
Where was Rosa Parks arrested in 1955 and why? Montgomery, Alabama. She refused to give up her seat to a white person
What punishment did she receive? $10 fine
A boycott of the buses was declared by a Civil Rights group. What does a boycott mean? Black people refused to travel on buses as most of the customers were black this caused the bus company to lose lots of money
Which civil rights leader became the influential leader of the protest? Martin Luther King Jr
How long did the boycott last? 13 months/ 381 days
Give two other examples of Peaceful protest Sit-ins/ Freedom rides/ peaceful marches
Give one strength of peaceful protests Media recorded violent reaction of whites /shamed people into supporting movement/ non violent reaction gained sympathy
Give one weakness of peaceful protest Many injured/increased violent reaction of white supremacists/ Black Americans continued to be killed/ legal changes did not change racists attitudes/ changes too slow
Why did Oliver Brown begin a legal case against the Topeka board of education? His daughter, Linda Brown had to walk to a segregated school far away/ included crossing a train yard/ there was a school that was closer but it was for whites only/ supported by the NAACP
What was the outcome of the Brown vs Topeka case? Supreme court ruled that separate but equal was no longer right/ ruled all schools should be integrated/ did not initially give deadline
Which school in Arkansas did the Civil Rights movement try to integrated in 1957? Little Rock school
Give two outcomes of the campaign to integrate Little Rock Media showed violent reaction toward Black students which gained sympathy/ president overruled the state governor and used army to force the school to integrate/Governor of Arkansas closed the schools/ governor was still reelected.
In what year did James Meredith become the first black student to attend Mississippi University? 1962
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