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post war economic trends cars 1950 - 60% of families owned them 1955- 71% of families owned them
post war economic trends TVs 1950 - 26% of families 1955 - 76% of families
post war economic trends fridges 1950- 86% of families 1955 - 94% of families
1960 women in work 40% of women in work twice as many as in 1940
why was there a huge defence spending in the 50s the Cold War ( the Korean War)
what was the defence spending like in the 50s $40 billion a year 60% of the federal budget
what was the benefit of the huge defence spending thousands of federal white collar jobs created 8 million workers in federal government in 1957
agreement between the president, federal government and congress that the country benefits from the growth of defence industry 1962 Eisenhower, military industrial complex
growth of service industry reasons and examples suburbia -> motels, malls, drive-throughs 1955 Disneyland opens in California 1945 - 8 shopping centres 1960 - over 4,000 teenagers -> popular music like rock'n'roll (Elvis Presley)
the space race 1957 Soviet Union's first satellite into space 'sputnik' 1961 JFK announces first man on the moon within 10 years
first credit card 1950 by Diner's Club by 1960 - 10million customers who bought on credit
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