Language Acquisition - Revision and Testing

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English Language revision - Language Acquisition

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Halliday's Functions - Instrumental - Regulatory - Interactional - Personal - Representative - Heuristic - Imaginative
Instrumental Function To obtain goods and services, e.g. "I want"
Regulatory Function - To control behaviour of others, e.g. "Do this"
Interactional Function - To relate to others, to interact, e.g. "Me and you"
Personal - To express self, e.g. "Watch me"
Heuristic - To explore and gain knowledge of the environment, e.g. "What's that?"
Imaginative - To use language imaginatively, for example telling stories, jokes or creating an imaginary environment, e.g. "Let's pretend"
Informative - (Representational) - To convey facts and information, e.g. "I've got something to tell you"
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