C2: Acids and bases

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All information is sourced from the Collins revision textbook, GCSE OCR Gateway B Higher.

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What is the word equation for neutralisation? acid + base --> salt + water
Substances with a pH less than 7 are? Acids
Substances that have a pH higher than 7 are? Alkalis
Neutral substances have a pH of? 7
Why does Universal Indicator show a gradual range of colour changes? Universal indicator contains a mixture of different indicators.
How is the concentration of an acid determined? It is determined by the concentration of H+ ions.
If acids have H+ ions what ions does a alkali have? A alkali has OH- ions (hydroxide ions).
What is a base? Bases are substances the reacted with acids to neutralise them, if they are soluble in water they are called alkalis.
Acid ions reacting with alkali ions, what is the equation? H+ + OH- <--> H2O
What is the longer word equation for making salt, involving metal carbonate? acid + metal carbonate --> salt + water + carbon dioxide
What is the salt name for sulphuric acid? The salt name is sulphate.
What is the salt name for nitric acid. The salt name is nitrate.
What is the salt name for hydrochloric acid? The salt name is chloride.
What is the salt name for phosphoric acid? The salt name is phosphate.
Salt names have two parts, which part reveals the acid it has been made from? sodium hydroxide + hydrochloric acid -> sodium chloride + water. The chloric from hydrochloric acid.
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