Was there a Mid Tudor Crisis?

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Where does term come from (what assumption) Term comes from the assumption that the years were an unproductive interlude between HVIII and Elizabeth
WHO STRONGLY BELIEVE THIS AF Pollard and ST Bindhoff (early 20th Century) strongly believe this
1973 concept expanded by who WRD Jones
What did WRD Jones believe the reigns were ones of great religious disruption, large scale disorder and rebellion. Also claims government was inefficient and plagued by social and economic problems and disastrous foreign policy
Reason for such accusations by WRD Jones? magnitude of Henry and Elizabeth’s reigns. They were lengthy, dramatic, and saw fundamental changes to England. Also, FP triumphs – Henry’s aggressive policy to France and Elizabeth’s triumph over the Spanish. Edward and Mary look like underachievers in comparison
Why was Foxe's Book of Martyrs so instrumental to Mary's rep fitted nicely into the prejudices of a Protestant and imperialist power
Who has recently criticised this interpretation Jennifer Loach and Robert Tittler (in 'The Mid Tudor Polity (1980'
Loach specifically stresses what Loach stresses the efficiency of government and the importance of Parliament in Mary’s reign
Which three historians state there was much creativity in this period Loades, Loach and Tittler
Reasons for crisis The attempts to alter the succession after Edward may have worked had Mary not been resolute / Wyatt did come close to taking London in 1554
However suggesting it wasn't a crisis as what did NOT happen Parliament’s status was not destroyed / The Royal Supremacy was not overthrown during Edward’s reign / England retained its independence from Spain under Mary / Most importantly…England did not descend into Civil War – unlike France in the 1560s!
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