Strategic Planning for competitive Advantage


Mind map with clear description of marketing strategy
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Strategic Planning for competitive Advantage
  1. Process of creating and maintaining a fit between the organization's objetives and resources and the evolving market opportunities
    1. Strategic Business Units, when big companies manage a number of very different businesses
      1. Strategic Alternatives
        1. Ansoff Matrix
          1. Market Penetration
            1. Market Development
              1. Product Development
                1. Diverstification
                  1. Stars and Cash cows
                    1. Problem Children and Dogs
                      1. Invest / Grow
                        1. Harvest / Divest
                      2. Marketing Planning: Involves desgining activites relating to marketing obejtives
                        1. Product
                          1. Distribution
                            1. Promotion
                              1. Price
                              2. A firm's mission statement defines its business mission profoundly , is based on a a careful analysis of benefits
                                1. A marketing ovjetive is a statement of wha is to be accomplished through marketing activities
                                2. Markets should understand the evroment by doing a SWOT anayilis
                                  1. SWOT : Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunites and Threats
                                  2. Competitive Advantage
                                    1. Cost Competitive Advantage
                                      1. Product / Service Competitive Advantage
                                        1. Niche Competitive Advantage
                                          1. Build Sustainable Competitive Advantage
                                          2. Follow up the Marketing Plan
                                            1. Implementation
                                              1. Evaluation and Control
                                                1. Postaudit Tasks
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