Why Be Ethical?


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Why Be Ethical?
  1. Philosophers
    1. Aristole
      1. Happiness is found in the community
        1. What are some things you can volunteer for in your community to make a defference?
          1. Example: Last year around Christmas time me & my family volunteered at a soup kitchen, we helped prepare & serve food to the poor.
        2. Serving others
          1. Helping those around you for a good reason
          2. Kant
            1. Duty driven
              1. Kant thought that it would be wrong to tell a lie in order to save a friend from a murderer.
                1. If we compare Deontologists with Consequentialists we can see that Consequentialists begin by considering what things are good, and identify 'right' actions as the ones that produce the maximum of those good things.
                  1. Deontologists appear to do it the other way around; they first consider what actions are 'right' and proceed from there.
              2. People make choices based on principles
                1. Ultimate good is found in 3 places(freedom,God,immorality
                  1. Categorical Imperatives
                  2. Levinas
                    1. We all do things that we believe are in line with the good
                      1. Is what your doing for a good purpose or because you're getting bribed?
                        1. A family friend asks you to take care of her baby. You say no right away. She then says "i'll pay you 20$." you say yes because you're getting paid
                      2. "Faces" remind us of our responsibliltes
                    2. Ways to be Ethical
                      1. The Scream
                        1. Experience of personal response
                          1. Example: You're stopped at a red light on a snowy day. You see a car going full speed about to make a right turn, as the car attempts to brake & turn he slides & hits a light pole. Your adrenaline kicks in, your heart starts pounding & before you know it you're jumping out of your car running towards the car to help the man.
                            1. The sound of the car crashing caught your attention, forcing you to beware of your responsibility to another person.
                        2. The Beggar
                          1. Experience of the other
                            1. Example: You're at a grocery store & you see a woman at the cash not able to pay for her groceries. She starts asking people around her to spare some change. You see that people around her are ignoring her, so you go up to her give her some change.
                              1. A lot of things go through your mind when you first seeing her ask for change. As you try to forget ignore her the thought of her is stuck in your head. So you decide to do the right thing & give her change.
                          2. "I have to..."
                            1. Experience of obligation
                              1. Example: Your friend lets you borrow some clothes & tells you to bring them back before Friday. You find out that there's a party on Saturday & want to wear one of the shirts.
                                1. You have an obligation to bring back the shirts at the right time because your friend trusted you in the first place with them.
                            2. This is intolerable
                              1. Experience of contrast
                                1. Example: You see a mother at the park with 3 children. The children aren't listening very well so the mother decides to hit them hard.
                                  1. You are shocked because the terrible act done by the mother contrasts strongly with what expected from people in your community.
                            3. Ethics
                              1. Deals with the nature of the good, human person & criteria. We use these for making the right choices & judgments
                                1. An elderly couple owns a little corner store. One day you go in for a juice box which only comes out to 2$. You pay with a 5$ bill. You should get back 3$ but instead the owner gives you back almost double. What do you do?
                                  1. You go through a critical thought process. You come to a conclusion that the elderly couple probably rely on the stores income to pay bills so you return the change!
                              2. Morality
                                1. Right conduct based on fundamental beliefs & obligation
                                  1. To follow certain codes,norms,customs & habits of behaviour
                                    1. Religion shapes your morals. Is what your about to do going against your religion?
                                      1. For example abortion. You may think you know what you're going to do but it may be going against your religion not to get one.
                                        1. I wouldn't get one because it would be going against my religion & what i believe in.
                                  2. More about YOU making decisions
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