Attachment = Emotional link between child & primary caregiver which ties them together

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Attachment = Emotional link between child & primary caregiver which ties them together
1 Disruption in Attachment;
1.1 Deprivation = A broken attachment either temporarily (hospitalisation) or permanently (death)
1.1.1 Privation = Never having the opportunity to form an attachment due to being isolated or ill treated. E.g. Genie isolated for 13 years
1.2 Short Term Effects:
1.2.1 Protest: Cries, screams, protests and clings to parent it leaves, escapes others
1.2.2 Despair: Apathetic, withdrawn & uninterested, occasionally cries
1.2.3 Detachment: May engage with others, looks as if they're getting over it but hiding feelings. When parent returns, rejects & shows anger
1.3 Robertson & Robertson
1.3.1 Aim: Investigate effects of disruption of attachment
1.3.2 Method & Sample: -Natural experiment = detailed observation -5 foster children
2 4 main ways you can see an attachment: 1- Seeking proximity 2- Distress on separation 3- Joy on reunion 4- General behaviour
2.1 Bond = Set of feelings that ties one person to another
2.2 Benefits: -Survival -Food -Love -Security
3 Learning Theory;
3.1 Classical Conditioning:
3.1.1 Stimulus, Response & Association
3.2 Operant Conditioning:
3.2.1 Rewards, reinforcements & Punishment
3.3 A02
3.3.1 Learning theory suggests that reinforcements make behaviours reoccur and punishment reduce behaviour from happening. However this is contradicted by attachments children have with cruel parents
3.3.2 Learning theory is too reductionist as it reduces human behaviour to stimulus, response and reinforcemnts. However the human behaviour is more complec than this
3.3.3 Learning theory predicts if reinforcements go away the behaviour will disappear too, however this is not the case as absence only strengthens attachment
3.3.4 Learning theory predicts that attachment will be with the person who provides the most drive reduction, however Harlow's research contradicts this, since Harlow's monkey only spent 2 of the 24hours with the food wire mother. Therefore we mainly attach for comfort& security which outweighs the need for food
4 Evolutionary Theory;
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