Transformational Leadership and Charisma

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Transformational Leadership and Charisma
1 Transactional Models of Leadership
1.1 Focuses on the exchange of commodities for good behavior
2 Leader-Member Exchange
2.1 Low Quality LMX Relationships
2.1.1 Transactional Leadership
2.2 High Quality LMX Relationships
2.2.1 Transformational Leadership
3 Transformational Leadership
3.1 Involves expanding follower's values and goals and helps followers transcend their own self interest for the sake of their team. The essence of TL resides in inspiring, developing and empowering followers, and frequently incorporates charismatic and visionary leadership. An exceptional form of influence.
3.2 Components of TL
3.2.1 Inspirational Motivation CHARISMA
3.2.2 Idealized Influence
3.2.3 Individual Consideration
3.2.4 Intellectual Stimulation
4 The Pygmalion Effect
4.1 Expectations alone can bring about change in behavior. Attitude toward someone has the power to transform that person. Positive expectations can bring about positive changes and negative expectations can bring about negative changes.
5 Structuring Transformational Message
5.1 Articulate a clear and appealing vision
5.2 Explain how the vision will be attained
5.3 Project confidence and conviction through words and actions
5.4 Appeal to greater principles, hopes and values
5.5 Link followers' identities and self concept to the collective identity and success
5.6 Express confidence in followers and ignite conviction that together as a group you can bring about a great change
6 What situations call for charismatic/transformational leadership?
6.1 Unstable environments
6.2 Stressful situations
6.3 Tough economic situations
7 Charismatic leaders do better than narcissistic leaders
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