Science of NFL Football: Nutrition, Hydration & Health

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Science of NFL Football: Nutrition, Hydration & Health
1 6 Essential Nutrients
1.1 Water
1.1.1 Cools body temperature by allowing the formation of ___________________________
1.2 Protein
1.2.1 Builds and repairs muscles.
1.2.2 Examples: 1.______________________________ 2.____________________________
1.3 Carbohydrates
1.3.1 Starches and sugars that the body uses for energy.
1.3.2 Examples: 1.___________________________________ 2. ______________________________
1.4 Fats
1.4.1 Found in foods such as __________________ products.
1.4.2 Provide energy and maintain cell membranes.
1.5 Vitamins
1.5.1 Nutrients that come from plants or animals.
1.6 Minerals
1.6.1 Nutrients that come from the earth.
1.6.2 Examples 1.____________________________ 2. _________________________________ 3.__________________________________
2 Food Calories
2.1 A measure of how much ___________________ is available in food.
2.2 Fuel for your body
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