Postmoderism and Family Diversity

Kirsty White
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Family Diversity - Postmodernism Views (yellow booklet)

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Postmoderism and Family Diversity
1 Weeks
1.1 Argues society value diversity & choice
1.1.1 E.G the legal recognition of same-sex couples through The Civil Partnership Act of 2004
2 Argue family life is characterised by diversity - there's no longer any consensus about norms and values.
2.1 We live in a culture were we can 'pick & mix' our identities and our family life.
2.1.1 Gender roles no longer fixed & relationships within the family reflect this change - E.G crisis in masculinity has resulted in men redefining their sexuality & family commitment.
3 Pakulski & Water (1996)
3.1 Believe contemporary family roles are now a matter of choice.
4 Stacey (1996)
4.1 Looks @ family from postmodern perspective - sees no generally agreed norms & values directing the shape of life.
4.1.1 She welcomes the diversity, believing that it may bring more equal & democratic relationships.
5 Evaluation
5.1 Stacey's research not representative - conducted in Sillicon Valley in California.
5.1.1 BUT, she may have identified a trend which is speading to wider society
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