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Mind map of succesful persons
Josué David Manoa Sandoval Guerra
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Josué David Manoa Sandoval Guerra
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Success Stories
  1. Comprehend
    1. 3A//
      1. Largely impacting and helping the world of space travel, he founded two companies dedicated to integrating science, satellite telecommunications, and technology into society.
      2. 4A//
        1. Because it provided very small loans, it focused on woman borrowers, only the very very poorest could obtain loans.
      3. Analyze
        1. 5A//
          1. Because he focused on the humble and hard side of Bill Gates' life, like malaria.
          2. 6A//
            1. for their fight for a fair economy for the poor classes
          3. Recall
            1. 1A//
              1. He fell ill with polio, which affects the use of his right leg. During his nine-month convalescence
              2. 2A//
                1. They made bamboo stools and bought a cow
              3. Connect
                1. 7A//
                  1. Because they are people that almost everyone knows and they are also successful people who showed their support in each of the areas in which they participated.
                  2. 8A//
                    1. Yes, because if the person is motivated and sets strict conditions to improve and be the best in a field without losing humility and the vices are not blinded by money, etc.
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