The Clown Punk By Simon Armitage

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The Clown Punk by Simon Armitage. This is GCSE revision for the Character and Voice Cluster of your Anthology. Good Luck I really hope this helps. :)

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The Clown Punk By Simon Armitage
1 About the Poem
1.1 The Poem describes a punk who is seen by and man and his children as they drive home through a rundown part of town.
1.2 The speaker is the driver of the car
1.3 The punks behaviour is intimidating but the driver helps the children see it as a creation
1.4 As the punk is described you learn about the drivers attitude and beliefs
2 Ideas, Themes and Issues
2.1 Appearence
2.1.1 The way we dress often influences how people see us. The punk's appearence reflects his beliefs and is intended to create a reaction
2.2 Fear
2.2.1 The children are afraid of the punk because of how he looks and acts, the driver suggests this will change with time.
2.3 Youth
2.3.1 The way we look, what we believe in and what frightens us changes us as we age.
2.4 Outsiders
2.4.1 The clown punk is marginalised both metaphorically and physically
3 Form Structure and Language
3.1 The use of the sonnet form, which is typically associated with love poetry, could suggest fondness for the punk
3.2 It has the same line structure as a traditional sonnet but both the rhyme scheme and iambic pentameter are disrupted, reflecting the punk's non-conformist appearence and attitudes
3.3 The reserved criticisms that the driver makes of the punk create a philosophical tone.
3.4 Thje description of the punk in the 3rd stanza suggests the driver pities him and wonders what his future holds.
3.5 Pathos is created by a juxtaposition of the two nouns used in the title 'Clown', 'Punk' and the simile in lines 3/4 that brings to mind the image of a shambolic looking figure
3.6 Words from a semantic field of images/art remind us that the punk's appearence is a creation
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