Ethnicity and crime

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Ethnicity and crime
  1. Reasons for high criminality of afro carribean (structural)
    1. Lea and Young (Left Realists)
      1. First people to acknowledge Black people are more likely to be involved in street crime then whites
        1. Reasons
          1. Marginilisation
            1. Relative deprivation
              1. Sub cultural response
                1. Family structure- Murray- only 60% of young black males live with just one parent normally the mother
                  1. Mass Media- According to new right and conservative thinkers 'rap music' encourages 'Bling, violence and criminality'
                    1. However according to Interactionists official statistics are a 'social construction'
                      1. Hall, Gilroy, holdaway: only tell us about the involvement with the criminal justice system which is a reflecting of policing strategy and discrimination
                    2. Functionalism educational success- 2006 only 23% of afro carribean boys got 5 GCSES.
                      1. Subcultural theorists
                        1. Cohen, Cloward and ohlin
                        2. Merton
                  2. Macpherson report and 'Insitutional Racisim'
                    1. 'Canteen Culture' -Holdaway. Amongst the police including suspicion, macho values, and racism which encourages racist stereotypes and a mistrust of people from non-white backgrounds
                      1. Case study: Stephen Lawrence
                      2. Policing 'opressive policing' Ethnic minorities are more likely to be stopped and searched Phillips and Bowling
                        1. Phillips and Bowling officers are more likely to hold negative stereotypes about ethnic minorities reinforced by canteen culture
                        2. Neo Marxism - Hall saw a moral panic over black muggers that served at the interests of capitalism (at a time of crisis)
                          1. The myth of of the black mugger served as a scapegoat and divided the lower classes this weakened the opposition to Capitalism
                            1. Criticisms- inner city residents fears of mugging are realistic (left realism)
                          2. interpretivism
                            1. Labelling
                              1. Deviancy amplification spiral
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