Bourbons - Louis' probs? & groups w/in Chamber of Deputies

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Mind map on the Bourbons no 1.

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Bourbons - Louis' probs? & groups w/in Chamber of Deputies
  1. Louis XVII's problems?
    1. War weary country
      1. 2nd Peace of Paris - army of occupation / indemnities / 'Allied baggage train'
        1. New political structure (Charter)
          1. New constit agreement to maintain many rights associated w/ 1789
            1. Potential probs - diff between 'spirit' and 'letter/law' of Charter
              1. The middle classes (pays legal) assumed Louis stick to demo spirit of Charter, but more extreme royalists wanted Louis to exert royal power allowed w/in Charter
            2. Political opp - Repubs, Bonapartists
              1. Royalist backlash (White Terror)
                1. Divisions w/in society (existence of two Fr)
                2. Groups w/in Chamber of Deputies
                  1. Independents (Left)
                    1. Urban bourgeoisie
                      1. Purchasers of nat property
                        1. Former soldiers
                          1. Libs
                            1. Orleanists e.g. Lafayette
                            2. Ultras (Right)
                              1. Emigres
                                1. Some Catholic clergy
                                  1. Didn't want return to ancien regime, but "alliance of throne & altar" to reassert social superiority of 1st & 2nd Ests
                                    1. More royalist than the King
                                      1. Scorned the Charter
                                        1. E.g Villele, Comte d'Artois (Charles), duc de Berry
                                        2. Constitutionalists
                                          1. Largest grouping in 1815
                                            1. Wanted stable Fr on basis of 1814 Charter
                                              1. Had backing of many bourgeoisie (pays legal) in early years
                                                1. Support dwindled from 1817+
                                                  1. E.g. Richelieu, Decazes
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