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initial ideas mind mind for my dt gcse course work

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Initial Ideas
1 Target Market
1.1 I could base it towards children
1.1.1 7 - 13 yrs
1.1.2 there is a gap in the market for easy-to-use, child friendly radios
1.1.3 Girls or Boys? at young ages, children can be very particular about the colour which they might want the product to be. if I wanted to aim my product towards girl I could make it bright pinks and purples (stereotypically) if I wanted to aim it towards boys I could make it dark greens and blue and blacks
1.2 I could base it more towards adults
1.2.1 they might be more likely to be visiting a museum and buying products from the museum shop.
1.2.2 Is there a gap in the market for radios for adults though? There are many Radios which are for adults so how could I make my product stand out?
2 Location
2.1 it would have to be designed to fit on a flat surface.
2.2 in a children's bedroom?
2.3 in a kitchen or living area?
2.3.1 where would you be listening to the radio
3 Materials
3.1 what materials should i consider?
3.1.1 acrylic or HIPS acrylic can be heat moulded and has strong colours and a huge variety of coulours. HIPS can be vacuum formed and has many bright colours Easy to glue and secure in shape. Also it can be cut using a Lazer cutter.
3.1.2 leather - many radios have a leather cover and i really like the aesthetics of that on radios
3.2 metals
4 How?
4.1 what techniques could i use to make my product?
4.1.1 vacuum forming
4.1.2 acrylic heat moulding
4.1.3 soldering (components onto circuit board)
4.1.4 welding
5 Price
5.1 I think that this type of product could be worth up to about £30
5.1.1 I looked at existing product prices, with my target market being children, and the price range seemed to be mainly around £15 - £40.
6 aestheitcs
6.1 i would want it to look modern and simple and easy to use.
6.2 if i was to aim it towards child girls i would make it bright pinks and purples
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