(2) 7 Key function of parliament


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(2) 7 Key function of parliament
  1. Debating major issues
    1. parliament is the place where people expect issues of major important to be disuced
      1. for example, the house of commons held a debate before the war of iraq
      2. Parliament becomes the focus of the nation’s attention on these occasions.
        1. If a crisis emerges during a parliamentary recess, it is not unusual for members to demand that parliament be recalled in order for the issue to be discussed
        2. making law legislation
          1. All government legislation must pass through what can be a lengthy process in both the House of Commons and House of Lords before it reaches the statute book.
            1. This gives members an opportunity to debate the principles of the bill before them as well as the detail of the legislation.
              1. There is also the opportunity for MPs to table amendments to the legislation in order to get concessions from the government.
                1. Delegated legislation does not have to pass through a rigorous procedure, but orders still have to be laid before MPs.
                2. scrutinizing of executive
                  1. This is perhaps the most important function of Parliament, especially at a time when the government has a great deal of power.
                    1. Parliament scrutinises government in a number of ways.
                      1. Questions to Ministers
                        1. PMQT
                          1. Debates
                            1. Select Committees
                              1. Opposition Days
                            2. sustaining government
                              1. The UK has a system of parliamentary government, so, as well as holding the government to account, Parliament should also ensure that the government can actually govern.
                                1. This is achieved by the governing party having a majority of seats in the House of Commons.
                                2. Reprecentation
                                  1. One of the key functions of Parliament is to represent the people
                                    1. Political parties attempt to reflect the views of the people who elect them.
                                      1. Individual MPs attempt to represent the people in their constituency, whether they voted for them or not
                                        1. In this way MPs are accountable.
                                          1. There is a discussion about how representative Parliament is overleaf.
                                          2. addressing grievances
                                            1. Historically, one of the earliest purposes of the Commons was for people to obtain redress for problems and grievances.
                                              1. Centuries later, citizens can still go to Parliament and lobby their MP about a particular issue that concerns them.
                                                1. Some MPs take up such causes and can either try to persuade government to change the law or attempt to change the law themselves using the procedure of private members’ legislation.
                                                2. Financial scrutiny
                                                  1. A key function of the House of Commons is the scrutiny of public spending.
                                                    1. There is an annual Finance Bill, otherwise known as the Budget, which has to be passed in order for taxation and spending to continue.
                                                      1. In addition, there are a number of parliamentary committees that oversee matters such as government spending.
                                                        1. In this way, Parliament can be said to have on-going control of public finances.
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