The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle Concept Map

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The Bermuda Triangle
  1. Where have all the missing ships from the Bermuda Triangle, gone?
    1. No one knows
      1. It may be under the ocean
        1. They may just be gone
        2. Is the Bermuda Triangle real or is it just a myth?
          1. The US Coast Guard Does Not Believe in the Bermdua Triangle
            1. Theorists explanations are very reasonable
              1. The Siberian Craters may have proven something
              2. Does anyone have any theories of what actually happens in the Bermuda Triangle?
                1. Methane Gas Theory
                  1. The Sargasso Sea
                    1. Gulf Stream
                      1. Electronic Fog: A Hutchison Effect
                        1. Compass Variation
                          1. Strange Weather and Hurricanes
                            1. Freak Waves
                              1. Unusual Sea Floor
                                1. Human Error
                                  1. Supernatural Theories
                                    1. Skeptic’s Theories
                                    2. Has anyone ever died when travelling in the bermuda triangle? Are they still there?
                                      1. Many people have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle
                                        1. No one who was lost in the Bermuda Triangle has been found
                                        2. What is the Bermuda Triangle?
                                          1. Land Size
                                            1. Places around the Bermuda Triangle
                                              1. Famous People That have went through the Bermuda Triangle
                                              2. What are some past incidents that have occured in the Bermuda Triangle?
                                                1. Star Tiger Disappearance
                                                  1. Star Ariel Disappearance
                                                    1. USS Cyclops Disappearance
                                                      1. USS Wasp Disappearance
                                                        1. USS Pickering Disappearance
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