Mediterranean Europe

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A description of Mediterranean Europe (Copied from a Powerpoint from my Geography teacher for spring Finals)

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Mediterranean Europe
1 Spain and Portugal
1.1 Located on the Iberian Peninsula
1.2 Separated from the rest of Europe by the Pyranees Mountains
1.3 Most of Spain is Mediterranean
1.3.1 Dry African Winds make Southeast Spain the driest place in Spain Moist Atlantic Winds bring ample rain to Northeastern Spain
1.4 Basques in Spain want independence
1.4.1 Basques and Catalans want local control of their regions
1.5 Spain's industrial centers around Madrid
1.6 Spain and Portugal established colonial empires in 15th century
1.6.1 Portugal colonized large parts of Africa and Brazil 1400-1800 1975- Portugal grants independence to largest African colony
1.7 Portugal once based on agriculture; moving to industry
2 Italy
2.1 Alps separate Italy from rest of Europe
2.2 Italian Peninsula shaped like a boot
2.2.1 Apennine Mountains run down peninsula
2.3 Italy's only flat lands located around the narrow coastal plains
2.3.1 Southern region known as the Mezzogiorno because intense noontime sun Agriculture not profitable in Mezzogiorno due to limited land and farming technology After Roman Empire collapsed in 5th century, Italian Peninsula became a patchwork of separate political units Mid-1800's- Beginning of Italian unification Many Italians migrated north in recent years to work in Northern factories
2.4 Alps, blocking moisture-laden Westerlies, make Italy Mediterranean
2.4.1 2/3 of factory products made in Po River Valley Po River Valley most productive agricultural area Hydroelectricity from Alps powers Po River Valley's factories
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