Second Language Acquisition

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Mind Map includes theories related to SLA.

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Second Language Acquisition
  1. Input Hypothesis
    1. Stephen Krashen
      1. Comprehensible Input (Understanding the message of what people say or things that we read) is how langue is acquired
        1. Classroom Application: Taking to teach students the meaning of words rather than "repeat after me" tactics or constantly teaching them word repeatedly
        2. Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills (BICS)
          1. Jim Cummins
            1. The type of language that children acquire during their early years of life; native language; the language that they come to school communicating in
              1. Classroom: if possible, allow students to communicate/use their native language within the classroom
              2. Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALPS)
                1. Jim Cummins
                  1. Ability to interpret and produce complex language of text (i.e. passive voice, low frequency words)
                    1. Classroom Application: Focus on discrete language skills during SLA
                    2. Universal Grammar
                      1. Noah Chomsky
                        1. All human language rests on the innate building blocks; variations in language result from how the building blocks are used
                          1. Classroom Application: When teaching a student a new language, start with the similar building blocks between english and their native language; focus on similarities rather than differences
                          2. Critical Period Hypothesis:
                            1. Language acquisition depends on a "critical period" in which language must be attained. After the period, it is remotely impossible for language acquisition to occur
                              1. Penfield, Roberts, Lennberg
                                1. Classroom Application: Be aware that a student learning a new language is just as difficult/equivalent to an adult learning a new language.
                                2. Threshold Hypothesis:
                                  1. Jim Cummins
                                    1. A minimum threshold in language proficiency must be passed before learning a second-language and receiving benefits from the new language
                                      1. Classroom Application: Adapt focus/lesson to proficiency and fluency in native language before requiring SLA
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