Aristotles Theory of Tragedy

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Aristotles Theory of Tragedy
  1. Greek Philosopher
    1. Born 384 BC, died 322 AD
      1. With Plato & Socrates, Western Philosophy was founded
        1. The Poetics
          1. Thought to have created two books, one comedy, one tragedy. Only the tragedy survived.
            1. Very different; Comedy had men less than average whilst the tragedy had men more than average
              1. Tragedy is an imitation (mimesis) of an action that is serious and complete
                1. Elements
                  1. Dramatic - not narrative. Shows not tells.
                    1. In order of importance: Plot, character, diction, thought, spectable, melody
                      1. Plot
                        1. Must be whole with a beginning, middle and end
                          1. Dependant on nothing outside of the play
                            1. Unity of Action: Each action lead to the next - no outside influence
                              1. Coincidence and irrational
                                1. Must be of a certain magnitude - length and seriousness
                                  1. Simple or complex
                                    1. Character
                                      1. Supports the plot, renowned and prosperous
                                        1. Good to bad
                                          1. Result of great flaw (hamartia)
                                            1. Character must be true to type, consistent once established
                                              1. Idealism
                                                1. Thought, diction and melody
                                                  1. Little is said other than how speech reveals character
                                                    1. THEME: Expression of meanings in words (Metaphors are very common)
                                                      1. Chorus should contribute to the unity of the plot
                                                        1. Catharsis
                                                          1. Purging of tragic emotions through pity and fear
                                                            1. Arouses feeling of pity and fear in order to get rid of excess and restore balance
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