Arms Race

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Shows the course of the arms race and the impact upon Cold War superpower relations, including the events and results of the Cuban missile crisis.

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Arms Race
  1. Stabilised the Cold War
    1. arms deterrent
      1. prevented direct nuclear conflict
      2. respected spheres
        1. Hungary 1956
        2. superpower co-op
          1. results of Cuba
        3. Destabilised superpower relations
          1. US brinkmanship
            1. Massive Retaliation policy
              1. to the brink of war in Cuba
              2. economic cost
                1. Khrushchev became tougher in talks
                  1. prompted use of cheaper, short range missiles in Cuba over long range ones in USSR
                  2. secrecy of the arms race
                    1. unknown leader/fear of inferiority
                  3. Cuba
                    1. 1959 Castro in power
                      1. US relations worsen
                        1. Castro met Nixon 1959
                          1. Nixon decides he is communist
                          2. Castro nationalised US businesses in Cuba
                            1. petrol + sugar trade ended by US
                              1. Cuba increase dependance on USSR
                                1. USSR buys Cuban sugar and sells them petrol
                                  1. 1961 Cuba becomes officially communist
                                    1. exiled Cubans invade Bay of Pigs and humiliated
                                      1. Castro enters USSR defence deal
                                        1. 1962 nuclear weapons in Cuba
                                          1. US ships form blockade around Cuba
                                            1. Khrushchev proposes to remove nuclear weapons if US removes theirs from Turkey and pledge to never invade Cuba
                                              1. Kennedy publicly pledges not to invade
                                                1. plus secret pledge to remove Turkey missiles
                                                  1. Results
                                                    1. Hot Line 1963
                                                      1. Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 1963
                                                        1. allowed underground tests
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