Second Language Acquisition

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Second language Acquisition theories and applications

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Second Language Acquisition
  1. Input Hypothesis
    1. Stephen Krashen
      1. Comprehensible input should be one notch above the students current language ability
        1. Teachers can provid the students with more exposure to the language
      2. BICS v. CALP
        1. Jim Cummins
          1. Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills
            1. Language skills needs for social situations
            2. Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
              1. Formal academic learning
              2. Teachers most evaluate the students CALP and not rely on BICS
                1. v.
              3. Universal Grammar
                1. Noam Chomsky
                  1. Linguistic ability is innate in all humans
                    1. Increases a students ability to learn a language
                    2. Critical Period Hypothesis
                      1. Wilder Penfield
                        1. First years of life are crucial time for language acquistion
                          1. It is much harder to learn a second language after the critical period
                          2. Interaction Hypothesis
                            1. Michael Long
                              1. Development of language is enhanced by face-to-face communication
                                1. Teachers should promote communication between students
                                2. The Affective Filter Hypothesis
                                  1. Language acquisition can be inhibited by emotional variables
                                    1. Stephen Krashen
                                      1. Teachers should create a safe environment for all students
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