Film Promotion

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film promotion basics

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Film Promotion
1 Advertising
1.1 Poster
1.1.1 Linking with trailer, sharing particular 'brand' image features possibly; colour scheme, font type.. (Continuity)
1.1.2 inform audience and encourage them to consume film, whilst creating anticipation
1.2 Trailer
1.2.1 Short preview to generate buzz prior to release including 'best bits' of the film to give an idea of genre/narrative and plot without giving too much away
1.2.2 Viral videos
1.2.3 Youtube,Cinema,social media
1.3 magazine cover
1.3.1 main actors/actresses If an audience member is a fan of the actors featured in the new film they may be encouraged to watch the film, likewise to buy a magazine if they are on the cover. As a result this mains publicity for the film also as they would talk about the release and gossip of the film.
1.4 social media
1.4.1 With a growing population on social media outlets such as facebook, twitter ect. It is a huge money saving opportunity to inform a potential international audience about the film online. It also is quick and easy to acess for audiences on demand.
1.4.2 Links to websites are on posters, trailers, merchandise
1.5 Merchandise
1.6 Word of mouth
2 Publicity
2.1 interview's
2.1.1 director
2.1.2 actors
2.1.3 Tv chat shpw's
2.1.4 Radio
2.1.5 Magazine
2.1.6 Online
2.2 Reviews
2.3 Film festival's
2.4 Premiers
2.5 News stories
3 Tie in's
3.1 Merchandise
3.1.1 soundtracks
3.2 Big Brand's (Synergy/ Promotional Partners)
3.2.1 Product placement Newest gadgets, cars ect..
3.3 Production companies with larger budgets clearly have an advantage when using synergy with another company
3.4 Generate more income
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