Marketing and Financial Plan

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Marketing and Financial Plan
  1. Data gathering
    1. Interviews
      1. Library
        1. Surveys
          1. Observation
          2. Data Analysis
            1. Submission of documents
              1. 1st progress report
                1. submission of final project output to client company
                  1. submission of second progress report
                    1. submission of client evaluation report
                      1. submission of final project report
                      2. Culminating activity
                        1. Meeting with OJT Faculty
                          1. Construct Marketing Plan
                            1. Market Analysis
                              1. Business to Business Models
                                1. Business to Consumer Secondary Markets
                                  1. Business to Consumer Primary Markets
                                  2. Island resort operations
                                    1. Island resort development
                                      1. food outlets
                                        1. activities
                                          1. facilities
                                          2. Promotions and Advertising
                                            1. Public Relations Plan
                                              1. Below Line Marketing (flyers, social media)
                                                1. above line marketing (tv, newspapers, radio)
                                              2. Construct Financial Plan
                                                1. return on investment ratios
                                                  1. Financial ratios
                                                    1. Financial Projections
                                                      1. Investment Budget
                                                        1. Profitability ratios
                                                        2. Brainstorming
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