Non verbal communication

Aarushi Pandit
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Aarushi Pandit
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A mind map that condeses the non verbal aspect of a patient and practioner's communication.

Resource summary

Non verbal communication
  1. Paralanguage
    1. non verbal aspects of speech
      1. Speed of speech
        1. Flow of speech
          1. Volume of speech
            1. intonation used
              1. Clarity of words
                1. Fitted pauses
              2. Facial expressions
                1. used to convey basic emotions
                2. Gestures
                  1. used in conjunction with verbal communication
                    1. Cultural difference must be taken care of
                    2. Appearance
                      1. Casually dressed
                        1. may relax a child
                          1. may not work with an adult
                          2. Formally dressed
                            1. Adults trust more
                          3. Personal space invasion
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