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Online services


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Online services
  1. Communication
    1. Email,messaging,news groups,social networks,conferencing, blogs,vlogs
      1. Types
        1. Email, messaging, news groups, social networks,conferencing,blogs,vlogs
        2. Example uses
          1. Talking to friends on Skype Using social networking applications like Facebook or Google+ to exchange information
          2. Benefits
            1. Instant responses to someone who is remote from you, at no addition cost to your broadband fees
          3. Real-time information
            1. Types
              1. Timetables, news, sports upades, weather reports, travel news
              2. Examples uses
                1. Checking an airport website forn estimated arrival times of flights
                2. Benefits
                  1. Provides up to date information when picking people up from an airport
                3. Commerce
                  1. Types
                    1. Banking, auctions, online sales and purchases, publishing
                    2. Example uses
                      1. Selling something through a service such as ebay™ or Amazon ®
                      2. Benefits
                        1. Allows users to carry out transactions seamlessly (without the need to use physical money) and globally.
                      3. Goverment
                        1. Types
                          1. Tax returns, e-voting, applications for grants or benefits
                          2. Example uses
                            1. Applying for your first provisional driving licence
                            2. Benefits
                              1. Saves time and is more convenient – saves you a visit to the Post Offi ce and means can take your time fi lling in the form and can easily amend any errors.
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