Benefit of Students

Niat Habtemariam
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Benefit of students in a student workplace, such as school.

Niat Habtemariam
Created by Niat Habtemariam almost 6 years ago
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Benefit of Students
1 Information about the Resource
1.1 Students give back to the school the school provides them with an education and they help the school become a better place
1.2 Without students there wouldn't be an established school
1.3 A student is a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution.
1.4 12 years of mandatory schooling
1.5 Teachers are paid to provide students with the knowledge that they need for life.
1.6 Students' grades reflect their opportunities they have later on in life in the future.
1.7 Teachers, parents, and students are responsible for the students' learning
2 Community Impact
2.1 Social opportunities to build school community
2.2 Students are more connected to the college and their classmates.
2.3 Students can volunteer and help change the community to become a better place
2.4 Students can help educate each other
2.5 People in our high school can help the elementary school students
2.6 Creates a more friendlier atmosphere in a school
2.7 Students can have fundraiser to help their school community
3 Advantages and Benefits of the Resource
3.1 Students can ask each other for help in school topics
3.2 Allows students to collaborate and learn social skills for later in life
3.3 Promotes student-faculty interaction and familiarity
3.4 Improve personal and social development
3.5 Students develop responsibility for each other
3.6 Provide an arena for learning with communiacation
3.7 Negotiation and Cooperation among people increase
3.8 Promotes higher achievement and class attendance .
3.9 learn fairness, cooperation and how to defer personal gratification to group goals

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