Genre Research

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Genre research for my short video.

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Genre Research
1 Psychological
1.1 Reality -characters reach the point of their sanity where they do not know what is real or not anymore.
1.2 Perception - the world or different characters may be perceived differently depending on the characters emotional state.
1.3 Death - characters either fear or have a fascination with death.
1.4 Identity - characters tries to find their own identity or discover someone else's true identity.
1.5 Mind - focuses on the way character's minds are effected.
1.6 Existence - why does something exist? What is it's purpose?
2 Horror
2.1 Secluded location - somewhere nowhere, uneasy access, perfect crime spot.
2.2 Faulty technology - phone line dies, TV turns on unexpectedly, usually thought that something paranormal caused this.
2.3 False villain - someone who scares the protagonist as a joke before the real occurrence.
2.4 Bad weather - typically stormy/rainy weather to foreshadow the 'dark' scenes to come.
2.5 Lack of understanding of the threat - character investigates in the daunting room when they know something is in there.
3 Thriller
3.1 Low key lighting - emphasises the negative storyline, adds to the audiences' thrill when something happens in the plot.
3.2 Protagonist in the mercy of the antagonist - usually a scene which depicts the protagonist captured by the antagonist in which they must escape from.
3.3 Quick shots - creates heightened anticipation for the audience, increases the idea that something will happen.
3.4 Usual theme of destruction - something is destroyed e.g. buildings, and important artifact etc.
3.5 Hero - usually someone is proclaimed victorious after a conflict.
4 Mystery
4.1 Unsolved crime - creates the mystery.
4.2 Centred around the protagonist - usually a detective solving the case, might involve them in someway.
4.3 Clues - lead to ending the mystery; DNA, objects etc. Sometimes they are places there on purpose.
4.4 Setting - crime usually taken place in a house or outside. Potentially shows an office where the research takes place.
4.5 Editing - fade to black shows dark matter afoot. Panning would allow the audience to see what is being investigated.
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