The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

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The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
  1. Setting
    1. Modern time or future
      1. The Scorch
        1. Mexico
          1. Flat Trans
          2. Theme
            1. The message of this book is about adventure and being able to get through dangerous battles.
              1. The characters keep trying to make it to the Safe Haven and they try not to give up while doing so. The characters kept their bravery so that they could get to the Safe Haven and be free.
              2. Main Conflict
                1. The Gladers are sent to the Scorch where they have to survive to make it to the Safe Haven to get the cure from WICKED.
                  1. The cause of the conflict is WICKED is trying to test the Gladers by using different Variables to see how they respond to them. WICKED is using the results to find a cure for the human race by using Candidates to get the patterns and blueprints they need.
                  2. Characters
                    1. Thomas
                      1. Brave
                        1. Leader
                        2. Brenda
                          1. Helpful
                            1. Neglected
                            2. Teresa
                              1. Betrayer
                                1. Clever
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