Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Addison DePauw
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Deep and Dark and Dangerous
1 By Mary Downning Hahn
2 Setting
2.1 Lake house in Maine
3 Characters
3.1 Sissy
3.1.1 Mean
3.1.2 Bossy
3.2 Alli
3.2.1 Nice
3.2.2 Careing
3.3 Emma
3.3.1 Kind
3.3.2 Copy Cat
4 Theme
4.1 Not everyone is who they seem.
4.1.1 Because Sissy is really the ghost of Teresa!
5 Main Conflict
5.1 Sissy is bothering them and she wont go away until they tell the truth.
5.1.1 They finally told the truth.
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