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1 Characters
1.1 Jane Benson
1.1.1 She is a very smart 9 year old. She sometimes thinks up ideas that didn't even cross the kids' minds.
1.1.2 Youngest and probably most smartest of all the kids. She is 9. She is Carter's younger sister.
1.2 Carter Benson
1.2.1 He is a courageous 11 year old. He is sometimes bossy and tends to take charge a lot when Vanessa isn't around.
1.2.2 He is the other middle child of the 4 children. He is also 11. He is Jane's older brother.
1.3 Vanessa Diaz
1.3.1 Oldest of the 4 kids. She is 13 and takes care of Jane, Buzz and Carter like a mother would.
1.3.2 She is a typical teenager who is very responsible. She is trying to take care of her new siblings as best as she can.
1.4 Benjamin (Buzz) Diaz
1.4.1 Nobody really thinks he's that important. He is a little overweight. Even Vanessa and his new siblings didn't think he was that important until he had a marvelous idea towards the end of the book.
1.4.2 One of the middle children in this book. He is 11. He is Vanessa's brother.
2 Setting
2.1 At the beginning of my book 4 kids were on a boat called the "Lucky Star." Then their boat washed away to an abandoned island where the kids trived to survive for as long as they could.
3 Theme
3.1 The theme or message in my story is sticking together and learning to live as a family.
3.2 It was brought out in the book by the story being about 4 kids, who's parents got married. The 4 kids are sent on a boat trip to get to know each other better. When the boat crashed and it was only to 4 kids together without parental guidance, they had to learn to get along and work together to survive
4 Main Conflict
4.1 This was caused by a big storm. The storm destroyed their boat and washed away the 4 siblings' uncle and friend. That left them to live with nature with no one older than 13.
4.2 The main conflict of this story is surviving without much food or water for 4 kids. At times when they couldn't find food or water all they had was each other.
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