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A mind map for nutrition

Manon Le Coq
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Photosynthesis and Nutrition
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Lipids (fats)
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Biology B1
Nutrition, digestion and excretion
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Chapter 3 Nutrition/Food
John Loughlin
Ash Lig
1 Protein
1.1 Help with growth and repair of the muscles
1.1.1 Found in animal products Meat, fish ,cheese, milk and eggs
1.1.2 Vegetable sources Soya-bean products, pulses and nuts
2 Vitamins
2.1 Vitamin A
2.1.1 Good vision, healthy skin and growth Green and yellow vegetables and dairy products
2.2 Vitamin B
2.2.1 Release of energy from foods and healthy skin Breads, milk and eggs
2.3 Vitamin B12
2.3.1 Red blood cells Meat, milk and fish
2.4 Vitamin C
2.4.1 Healthy skin, protects cells and helps absorb iron Fruit and vegetables
2.5 Vitamin D
2.5.1 Helps absorb calcium, strong bones and teeth Margarine and oily fish
3 Minerals
3.1 Needed in small amounts to help the body function properly and stay strong
3.2 Calcium
3.2.1 Needed for the growth of healthy bones and teeth. Milk, cheese, eggs, wholegrain cereals ,green vegetables and bread
3.3 Iron
3.3.1 Needed for the formation of red blood cells Red meat, green vegetables, eggs, lentils and bread
3.4 Other minerals
3.4.1 Potassium,sodium,magnesium and zinc
4 Carbohydrates
4.1 Needed to give the body energy
4.2 Two types
4.2.1 Starch Found in cereals, potatoes, pasta and flour
4.2.2 Sugar Found in fruit , vegetables, honey and milk.
5 Fat
5.1 Help provide concentrated sources of energy
5.2 Help insulate the body when it's cold.
5.3 Two types
5.3.1 Saturated fats They usually come from animal sources e.g Butter and Lard
5.3.2 Polyunsaturated fats Come from vegetable sources e.g Sunflower oil

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