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Leon Trotsky


Mind map of Trotsky's career up until October 1917
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Leon Trotsky
  1. Collaborated with Lenin on the revolutionary journal "spark" in London
    1. Exiled to Siberia in 1900- escaped in 1902 under name of 'Trotsky' who was the head jailer of the prison where he was held
      1. Was a leading Menshevik spokesman for a short time after the split in the RSD party
        1. Became chairman of the St.Petersburg soviet in 1905
          1. Returned to Russia in 1905
          2. Developed a theory of permanent revolution in prison
            1. Banished to Siberia- escaped to Vienna
              1. Worked as a journalist (1907-14)
              2. Active in pacifist/radical propaganda in Paris and Switzerland (1914)
                1. returned to Russia in May '17 after overthrow of Nicholas II
                  1. member of Bolshevik party by July '17
                    1. Took part in Bolshevik uprising with Lenin (unsuccessful)
                  2. Imprisoned by Kerensky- released in September
                    1. Was one of the chief organizers of the October Revolution
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