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1 month


I month old baby
Hamda Alfalasi
Mind Map by Hamda Alfalasi, updated more than 1 year ago
Hamda Alfalasi
Created by Hamda Alfalasi over 6 years ago

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1 month
  1. intellectual
    1. recognize primary carers
      1. interact with an adult holding them up face-to-face
        1. begin to repeat enjoyable movements
          1. cry in more expressive ways
            1. make non-crying noise
            2. emotional/social
              1. smile in response
                1. turn to regard a nearby speaker's face
                  1. gaze when fed
                    1. enjoy sucking
                      1. beginning to show a particular temperament
                      2. physical
                        1. gross motor
                          1. turn from side to back
                            1. lift head briefly from prone position
                              1. if held in ventral suspention, will keep the head in line with body and hips semi extended
                                1. head lags if pulled to a sitting position
                                  1. open hand from time to time
                                    1. begin to take fist to mouth
                                      1. jerky and uncontrolled arm-leg movements
                                        1. keep head to one side when lying back(supine)
                                        2. fine motor
                                          1. show interest by facial expresssions
                                            1. open hands to grasp adults finger
                                            2. sensory
                                              1. turn head toward a diffuse light source, and stare at bright, shiny objects
                                                1. focus gaze at 20-25 cm
                                                  1. may move head to source of sound, cant locate sound yet
                                                    1. follow movement of bright, dangling toy moved slowly in line of vision(tracking)
                                                      1. startled by sudden noise
                                                        1. blink defensively at something coming towards them
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