Women's Right Movement

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Women's Right Movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity (between 1820 - 1830)
    1. Purity
      1. Domesticity
        1. Submissiveness
          1. Piety
          2. Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Stanton
            1. 1st gathering for Women's Rights, July 19-20 Seneca Falls, NY
              1. Stanton & Anthony created NWSA in 1869, was to change federal law & oppose 15th amendment because it excluded women.
                1. The two groups NWSA & AWSA came together to form the National Woman Suffrage Association by 1890. (NAWSA)
                  1. Anthony, three of her sisters, and other women were arrested in Rochester in 1972 for voting.
                  2. Alice Paul
                    1. Formed National Women's Party in 1913
                      1. NWP members(Silent Sentinals) Picketed the White house in 1917.
                        1. Woman won the Right to Vote in 1920, in the 19th amendment.
                          1. Introduced the first Equals Rights Amenment in 1923, did not live see the ERA added to the U.S Constitution.
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