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Women's Movement


Women studies
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Women's Movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity (1820-1860)
      1. Domesticity
          1. Submissiveness
            1. Piety
              1. Purity
              2. Susan B. Anthony/Elizabeth Stanton
                1. 1850 - Stanton & Anthony met and forged a lifetime alliance as women's right activist
                  1. 1869 - Stanton and Anthony created the National Women Suffrage Association (NWSA)
                        1. 1890 - two groups united to form the National American Women's Suffrage Association (NAWSA)
                          1. 1848 - First gathering devoted to women's rights in U.S. (Seneca Falls, NY)
                                1. 1879 - California senator introduced in congress a women's suffrage amendment
                                  1. 1869 - Wyoming 1st state that woman can vote
                                  2. Alice Paul
                                          1. 1913 - Illinois granted women the right to vote
                                              1. 1913 - she formed the National Women's Party
                                                1. 1917 - Silent Sentinels picketed for eighteen months, marching slowly day and night in front of the white house
                                                  1. 1920 19th Amendment passed
                                                    1. 1923 - introduction to the First Equal Rights Amendment in Congress
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