Women's Movement

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women's studies

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Women's Movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity during the 1820's
    1. Piety
      1. Religion
      2. Submissiveness
        1. clothing-shape. women should always submit.
        2. Domesticity
          1. Home- a woman's place is at home,
          2. purity
            1. a wife's job is to keep her husband happy. be pure.
          3. Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton
            1. Seneca Falls Convention- July 19-20, 1848
              1. NAWSA formed - 1869
                1. Women's Suffrage movement was introduced in congress- 1878
                  1. Woman's right to vote
                    1. Wyoming- 1869
                      1. Colorado- 1893
                        1. Utah- 1896
                          1. idaho- 1896
                            1. Illinois- 1913
                        2. Declaration of Sentiments
                      2. Alice Paul
                        1. Politically active in London- 1906-1909
                          1. women's suffrage in Britian
                            1. earned a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania- 1912
                              1. head of congressional committee of NAWSA- 1912
                                1. led women's suffrage parade down Pennsylvania Ave.-1913
                                  1. formed the National Women's Party NWP- 1913
                                    1. Silent Sentinels picketed in front of the white house during president Wilson's administration- 1917
                                      1. 19th amendment was ratified- 1920
                                        1. Introduced the first Equal Rights Amendment- 1923
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