Women's Movement

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Women's Movement
  1. Susan B. Anthony/ Eliabeth Stanton
    1. TWo main leaders to upheld the Seneca Falls converance on July 19-July 20 for the right to vote by woman.
      1. They published a newspaper called Declarations of Sentiments, for acceptance of rights to woman.
        1. In 1887, the two suffragist woman merged together as NAWSA as Stanton president and Anthony vice president. Also they did an prositiution speech for woman on the streets in chicago.
        2. Cult of Domescity
          1. Domestcity: Home as a work place while Men work. MAke a loving home, so men can come home and be loving comfort men in all aspects.
            1. Submissness: Women are to Submitt there lives. Tightly Clothing such as a corset. Suppose to look" sexy" for attraxtion from their man.
              1. Purity woman -pure(virgin) Duty to protect virginity until married ,then you give him that gift. Also use virginity to keep him happy
                1. Piety: Religion Godless No Women NO Motherhood and you are bad
                2. Alice Paul
                  1. Her actions increased publicity that caused President Wilson to present the women's suffrage in front of congress
                    1. Paul aggressive demonstrations led to the 19th Amendment in 1920. Also she continued to press for woman movement after in the US( ERA) for example.
                      1. She demonstrated with passion even when it led to imprisonment, hunger strikes, and forced feedings.
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