Women's Movement

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Women's Movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity
    1. Purity
      1. Submissiveness
        1. Piety
          1. Domesticity
            1. 19th Century
            2. 1850's : Susan B. Anthony & Eliazbeth Stanton met
              1. February 18, 1890's : Susan and Elizabeth Formed The National American Women's Suffrage Association
                1. 1848 : Elizabeth wrote the Declaration of Sentients
                  1. July 19-20th, 1848 : Seneca Falls was held in New York
                    1. Throughout 1869-1914 : Alice helped get many states to extend voting rights to women
                      1. 1913 : Alice formed the rival congressional union, The National Women's Party
                        1. March, 1913 : Alice held a march in Washington, DC
                          1. 1917 : She & other suffragists picketed outside The White House
                            1. 1919 : Both Houses and Senate passed a voting rights amendment
                              1. 1920 : The 19th amendment ratified
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