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Women's Movement


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Women's Movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity
    1. This was viewed about women in the 1800's, men believed that women should stay at home and that the men should be working
      1. There were four things men believed women should be: 1. To be more religious than men. 2. Pure in heart, mind, and body. 3. Submit to their husbands. 4. To stay at home.
        1. Piety: This did not take women away from home, it controlled women's longings.
          1. Purity: This was about the women's greatest treasure, virginity. This must not be lost until the women's marriage night. Married women could only be committed to their husbands.
            1. Submission: "True women" were required to be as submissive and obedient because men were known as women's superiors.
              1. Domesticity: A women's proper place was in the home her role was to cook clean, and take care of her children.
                1. This happened between the period of 1820 to 1860, this was when there was a rise in America of feminine behavior
    2. Susan B. Anthony/Elizabeth Stanton
      1. Anthony's main goal was women's suffrage which was giving women the right to vote. She and Stanton started the National Women's Suffrage Association. They both worked at this for over 50 years .
        1. After Anthony's death, the nineteenth amendment also know as the "Anthony amendment" gave women in the U.S to vote everywhere.
          1. Anthony fought against prohibiting alcohol and slavery
            1. Elizabeth Stanton was apart of the Seneca Falls convention in Seneca Falls, New York. There was a declaration of sentiments presented here in 1848, a lot of people call this the first step of women's rights.
              1. Stanton addressed voting issues, divorce, property rights, birth control. employment, custody rights, and many others. Stanton was the first president of the NAWSA. Stanton resigned at age 77
                1. 1869: Stanton and Anthony found the NWSA and then found the AWSA. 1878: 16th Amendment introduced to congress. In 1890 the NWSA and the AWSA merged to form the NAWSA. in 1900 Anthony retired as president of the NAWSA
                  1. Stanton died on March 13th. In 1916 the National Women's Party was founded by Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and the former leaders of the NAWSA.
                    1. In 1920, the 19th amendment was passed giving women the equal right to vote.
      2. Alice paul
        1. Alice Paul was the main leader and strategist of the nineteeth amendment to the U.S. constitution which prohibits sex discrimination in the right to vote
          1. NWP memebers known as the "Silemt Sentinels" pickekted the white fence under Woodrow Wilson administration in 1917.
            1. While in London from 1906 to 1909, Paul became politically active
              1. She joined the Women's Suffrage Movement in Britian and was arresed on several occasions
              2. Served jail time and went on a hunger strike.
                1. While returning to the U.S. in 1910, Paul became involved in the Women's Suffrage Movement.
                  1. Paul earned her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1912.
                    1. In 1923, Paul introduced the first Equal Rights Amendement in Congres
                      1. She then later worked on cilvil rights bill and fair employment practices
                        1. She did not live to see the ERA added to the U.S. Constituion.
                    2. Paul left the NAWSA to form the more militant Congressional Union for Women Suffrage with Lucy Burns
                    3. She had a stroke in 1974 and then died on July 9, 1977. Meanwhile between the 3 years she continued to fight for women's rights.
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